Nowadays we are fighting a war for our planet. However publics actions have caused in disturbing effects all over the planet, in air, land, water, now we are worried about sea lifecycle.

Many organizations are certainly working all around the world trying to point-out one-time use plastic to get a change to the world.

A few days ago scientists surprise to find traces of drugs like ketamine and cocaine in shrimps.

Two experts and researches team one from University of Suffolk (England) and second is from the King’s College in London are working together. They are work in 15 specific areas around Suffolk.

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Alde, Gipping, Deben, and Waveney have collected samples from rivers. Scientists surprised the samples had traces of cocaine and ketamine in shrimps.

Whether this problem is local or national something needs to scan further. The testing and collecting of sample must be started all around the UK and even international if possible.

This does not wonder that the earth is revolving under the burden of micro-plastic pollution issue and environmental change.

Now, this unseen substance of drugs has a new addition that can destroy wildlife of the country.

Environment International Published report in which they accept the introduction of micro-pollutants on nature and creatures like the shrimp Gammarus.

Along with these drugs, they were also found the traces of banned medicines and insect killer found in these freshwater shrimps. Good news is the scientist’s faith that these substances potential on shrimps will be low.

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Still, according to a press statement, the attendance of these substances in these biota ironic zones was really shocking for Dr Leon Barren.

It is expected in wild or sea life such types of drugs can be found more in urban zones as compare to rural zones. The Presence of banned pesticides in freshwater shrimps was another mystery.

Fenuron is an insect killer which was found. Because its killer insects that’s why banned in the UK for a long time. The cause of these insects remains unknown.

This is a shocking discovery. We need to study further about how these substance effects on wild or sea lifecycle. Positively, this environmental effect does not turn out to be a terrible expansion like micro-plastics.


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