Lenovo announced the World’s first foldable laptop. In the 1st quarter of 2019, Samsung released its first ever foldable phone Samsung Galaxy Fold which was definitely incredible and became successful to capture the attention of the smartphone world.

After very next Huawei released its foldable device Huawei Mate X and began the race.

But now those are not only the foldable device anymore because computer giant Lenovo decided to join this foldable club. Lenovo is working on the same foldable idea with a bigger screen and powerful hardware. Lenovo named its device is Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Foldable.

It will come with a 13 inch 4:3 OLED screen with 2K Display. And it is a 9.6-inch screen when it folds and 13 inches while fully open. When it open fully it feels like an iPad pro and Windows Slate. When it open as half it shows a keyboard on the bottom half.

Lenovo announced the World’s first ‘foldable PC’
During its demo, session developers discovered a number of ways to use it in multiple ways. But they did not name them officially.

Lenovo is planning to introduce its keyboard which would be compatible with the device via Bluetooth and would be able to do work with a full 13-inch screen. With this, the device will become like an all in one mini desktop.

But with this revolutionary invention (foldable screens) there is a question in the world’s mind.

The flexible screen of Samsung Galaxy Foldable reported as easily breakable earlier which became a huge concern and question mark for the users before it even gets started.

But Lenovo is hopeful about this concern. Because they are working on the improvement of edges for the flexible display.

Lenovo says they are testing the device multiple times to make sure that in future customer would not complain about its edges and breaking issue as previously they did for Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Pic Credit : YouTube Windows Central Channel

The company is very concern about the folding and edge issue and they promised that users would never face the breaking issue.

Now the question is that what’s the users Lenovo would target with this device?

The answer is simple, it would cover travelers, businessmen and those who like to try something new and unique.

Can this device replace your desktop / Laptop? Because its parts are more likely to a laptop, for example, a webcam, USB port, and it supports Windows OS.

The price of the device and the exact official name and the release date is expected to announce in 2020. All you can say about this device is just “ Amazing”.


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