Eve teasing is such a shameful act and people should punish for it. Any gesture or pose which makes women uncomfortable by the opposite gender is eve teasing such as whistling, staring and stalking,

passing comments or dropping numbers. Due to such acts, you can go to jail or get fined in the United Arab Emirates.

UAE police again warned the people of UAE as they announced earlier when they caught 19 people were teasing and harassing women and girls from different areas of UAE.  Says Khaleej times.

In UAE staring women, winking, flying a kiss or say something about her body, Taking photos of them without their permission consider an act of harassment and crime.

General Department of Criminal Investigation’s Brigadier Jamal Salem Al Jallaf said that

“said that all women have the right to feel safe, secure and protected. “And such crimes of harassment are alien to the culture and traditions of the UAE”

A person can go to jail for the period of up to one year or get fined up to 10,000 AED in the United Arab Emirates under UAE penal code article 359.

A London based law firm’s senior associate Ahmad Al Sayyed says “such an offence – although considered a misdemeanour – can also get a convicted expatriate deported.

Such incidents happen in hotels, parks, theatres and beaches. Beaches are the most common places where these incidents happen mostly. According to reports in 2018, a number of 1,725 people were arrested in Dubai involved in various offences.

They were involved in taking photos without permission, disturbing the beachgoers and passing sexual comments etc.


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