Fans of “Game of Thrones” are crazy after seeing a scene in which the cup of coffee mistakenly left. Fans flooded the internet with jokes.

After all, that matter “Game of Thornes” Spokesman tells that “HBO” digitally removed the coffee cup scene.

The change derives less than two days after the new episode show a takeout coffee cup in the imaginary Westeros.

On Tuesday Morning, the coffee cup had been digitally removed from the new episode scene on “HBO” Go app.

coffeecup show in game of thornes
The title of this episode is “The Last of the Starks”. The show displayed on Sunday, the disposable coffee cup was noticeable on a bench among medieval-like wine glass next to Daenerys Targaryen, also called the Mother of Dragons, during a party dinner at Winterfell.

 After this Happened “HBO Spokesman” later confirmed that the placement of coffee cup mistakenly from the creation craft services and not from “Star-bucks”.

Before HBO fixed it, the cup can be seen at around the 17:45 mark in the 4th episode of season eight.


Many People thought that the coffee cup is from Starbucks. But actually, the cup is from local Northern Ireland coffee shop, where

The Show Director Richter said that it was an accident more he said “we are regularly so hardworking that this does not happen. The Shooting was very difficult and challenging and it is probable that after a very

Exhausting episode 3 shooting, this was just unnoticed by a tired team.

After this happened Stacy Jones CEO of marketing company  Said,  Starbucks grew a predictable $2.3 billion in free advertising over the last few days after when a cup of coffee was spotted in a “Game of Thrones episode 4”.

“The incident that happened in the episode was a mistake. Actually “Daenerys” had ordered herbal tea”, “HBO” mockingly accepted on Monday.

But Audiences still on Twitter to tweet about the mistake happened by “HBO”.

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