After  Irish regulator investigated Facebook over exposed passwords by saying that Facebook left hundreds of millions of passwords in a form of simple plain text Facebook promised

to its users and customers to protect data more strictly and provide them with strong privacy protection.

But now co-founder of Facebook CHRIS HUGHES claimed that the now there is politics is playing in the

company and the company CEO Mark Zuckerburg having too much power and authorities.

Chris  Hughes says to New York times

“ Mark has been surrounded by the people who don’t have the ability to challenge him or the face the challenges”.

So now this is the Govt responsibility to investigate him and let him make answerable to the authorities and stop his monopoly.

According to him, MARK not only monitors Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp but he also controls the voting shares up to 60% on Facebook board.

More he said that we are Americans and we have the ability to challenge any monopolies and to face it. This is not an issue that how well-intentioned the vision of the leaders of the company.  But this is the fact that the MARK is unpredictable.

On the other hand Facebook’s vice president of global affairs and communications “Nick Clegg” said in an email statement that

“ We believe that if there is a success then there should be accountability”.

“You cannot impose your accountability on a successful American company,” Clegg said.  Accountability of the tech companies can only be defined or achieved by the introduction of the new rules of the internet. And this what the Mark is exactly doing.

Chris Hughes said,

“Federal Trade Commission made a mistake in letting Facebook acquire Instagram and WhatsApp”.

But now it looks like that this would be alright soon.

“Whatsapp and Instagram being administrated as an independent platform inside the same parent company but the company has its own vision which is to emerge all three companies into one,”

Hughes Said.  “Facebook is working quickly on it and this would make it harder to split them up for the FTP,” He added.

According to Hughes splitting up Facebook is not an easy task. The co-founder demand for the new agency to ensure that all the tech companies are protecting their data according to rules and regulation.

He said “”I take responsibility for not sounding the alarm earlier”.


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