Nowadays CBD recommended as an effective medical product by both public and medicals professionals. However, the best use of Cannabis is known to use as a painkiller. It is used to relieve different types of pain like injuries, inflammatory diseases, and chemotherapy.

When a Women Flo makes her once-a-month visit, do you find yourself wrapped up in the fetal situation, badly demanding for relief? If so, you may advantage from cannabis vaginal suppositories.

The Manufacturer of the innovative female products, Foria Relief says, the cannabis-laced tampons “[allow] more pleasant signals to be received by the brain.”
Photo by Sam Doucette on Unsplash

This happened because of THC and CBD, modules of the cannabis plant. Because the Tampon is implanted near to where the pain creates, it is very effective to reduce the pain in a very short time.

In survey Mostly women’s report within 15 to 30 minutes they relief from symptoms when they insert the tampons.

As a result, some manufacturers have recommended the suppositories be implanted rectal artery to relief those who hurt from hip or back pain. This Course is entirely up to consumer when they want to use.

Is the Cannabis Tampon safe For You?

The manufacturers declare the suppositories are not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Sarah Johns is not fascinated. She says,

“There is no supporting medical evidence for the use of cannabis suppositories for painful periods. Cannabis tampons have not been medically tested and have no established benefits with the potential to cause significant harm.”

Marijuana has a long history as a natural relief natural aid in easing symptoms. Due to natural aid in easing many brands to chooses in situations where marijuana is legal for medical use. But the problem with suppositories is they are not cheap.

However, in California and Colorado, you can purchase a pack of 4 cannabis-laced tampons in $44. That is around $11 a cannabis-laced, tampons. Well, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth it in this price or not.

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