Have you ever tried the Blue Java banana?

Maybe you recognize it by the terribly cute name of frozen dessert banana, referred to as intrinsically permanently reason:

the flesh of the Blue Java banana has the consistency of frozen dessert and is seasoned with hints of vanilla.

Several compare its style therewith of vanilla frozen dessert or pudding.

The Blue Java banana goes by a number of different names, aside from frozen dessert banana (as they talk over with it in Hawaii), and is named the Hawaiian banana in the land, Kris within the Philippines and Cenizo in numerous components of Central America.

It’s a hardy, cold tolerant banana tracheophyte that produces plump, sweet bananas slightly shorter than the common Cavendish banana.

This banana gets its name from its blue-green skin once it’s unripe, that step by step turns into a straw, with a show white coloured flesh that may be devoured raw or done.

Blue Java Banana, A  Banana That Tastes Like Vanilla Ice Cream


The Blue Java herbaceous plant is understood to survive lower temperatures all the way down to 20F/-7C.

Thrives outdoors in North American nation growing zones 8-11. it’ll develop to eighteen feet/5.5 metres tall, and ten feet/3 metres wide, with giant silver-green leaves packed around a stout, durable trunk.

Several online vendors across the North American nation can deliver the tree straight to your door and you’ll simply notice little plants of around five inches/13 cm up to totally mature banana trees.

A full to partial lightweight is suggested for these tropical trees, and that they can mature quite quick.

A little plant might take up to around 9 months before it bears fruit, however otherwise, your Blue Java herbaceous plant ought to provide you with many bananas to reap, a year once a year.

Browning of a number of the leaves over the winter amount is traditional, however, expect the tree to bounce right back return spring.



The Blue Java banana can provide you with large leaves that you’ll be able to use like several different banana leaves in preparation.

Use them as you’d use foil to form parcels of fish and meat for cookery on the barbeque, or use it to wrap food in a very baking instruction.

You’ll be able to simply steam foods whereas keeping their juices within by wrapping them in a very banana leaf and shutting them tight with room twine.

Banana leaves also are aesthetically pleasing as a serving vessel, as you’d typically see them used at Thai or Vietnamese restaurants.

For preparation with Blue Java banana, you’ll be able to freely replace any banana for Blue Java in several sweet and savoury recipes.

It goes significantly well with frozen dessert we’re thinking banana frozen dessert pie however if you’re trying to find one thing additional special, these recipes below can work dead with the vanilla flavour of the Blue Java banana:

Flambée Banana Panna Cotta

No two ingredients go better together than vanilla and cinnamon.

Try this super easy pannacotta topped with delicious, caramelised banana disks that are flavoured with cinnamon.

Avocado Banana Smoothie with Chia Seeds.

Full of healthy fats, this avocado smoothie is great for busy mornings and when hangry hits.

The vanilla of the Blue Java recipe compliments the flavours of almond, agave syrup and cinnamon perfectly.

Rice with Fried Bananas and Coconut.

Coconut and vanilla are a match made in heaven in this creamy rice dessert made with basmati rice, coconut milk and brown sugar.


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