Humans are full of suspense and full of adventure. We like to explore more and more in any way and manners. We don’t like spoilers.

We want to explore something new and this is always human nature. But what would you do if somebody ends your suspense with exploring it by yourself?

Well, cannot tell about your response but in Hong Kong Avengers fans beaten (nearly to the dead) a man very badly because he shouted loudly the twist of the latest release of the MARVAL’s Avengers.

Russo Brothers Tweet About Spoilers.

According to the resources the unidentified man was seen in front of a cinema in Hong Kong and yelling out loudly the spoiler.

Then he got attacked by the angry fans or should we say diehard fans of Avengers because they did not like the act of that man.

This incident reported in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong according to Asia One News.

You can easily see in the pictures the man head is bleeding and he is wearing the white shirt.


People are discouraged by the creator of the movie (Joe and Anthony Russo) after giving and sharing the spoilers because they think that such acts are spoiling their hard work which they did to make this masterpiece.

They shared a letter with fans too which is “To the greatest fans in the world, this is it. This is the end.

This is the end of the eleven wonderful years and unprecedented narrative mosaic spanning eleven years.

This is the end for all of the people who have been with us since the first and very beginning and shared every moment of joy and happiness with your family, friend, and colleagues and with co-workers.

Thanks for investing your moments with us and made every story unforgettable.

Cheers to everyone because you invested your heart, your time and your souls in this journey.

We are again requesting to you please don’t spoil this to anyone because the team of the end game and we are the two worked very hard especially in last three years to deliver the surprising and emotionally powerful conclusion.

When you see the story in upcoming weeks please don’t share it to anyone and remember “THANOS” still need your silence.



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