“Cat” one of the most adorable creature because they left positive vibes on humans or their closed one.

People use to adopt them as a pet due to their human-friendly behaviour.

But on the other hand in Australia, they are considering the worst public enemy nowadays because of their unfriendly behaviour.

Such cats called Feral cats.

What are Feral Cats?

Feral cats are the cats which are fearful & unfriendly to the human beings & they roam freely on streets.

Australia is suffering from a large number of such cats.

But now the Australian government took an initiative to get rid of those cats.

By 2020 the Australian government would kill those roaming cats which is estimated 2 million to 6 million.

Australia wants to kill more than 2 million cats in the next five years

Even in some areas such as the Northeastern state of Queensland, there’s council offering to the citizens 10$ reward per feral cat scalp.

But on the other hand, a policy People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA has criticized this act of killing cats & called this “Cruel”.

This is not just happening in Australia but also in neighbour countries like New Zealand they offered a Cat-free country in future by both domestic & feral cats.

Question is that “Why they want to kill them?

Are they afraid of cats or is there any specific reason behind this”.  The simple answer is “The feral cats are killer”.


It is considered that the feral cats living in Australia since the 17th Century.

17th to today the population is progressed up to 99.8% of the country.

For survival, they are forced to hunt because they live in wild but feral cat belongs to the family of the domestic cats.